We Can Print Any Design

It takes a team effort to make shirts as beautiful as ours. It requires a combination of hard work, an artful eye, and careful crafty hands. Of course, it all starts with your design. Whether you use our top-of-the-line design studio or upload your own creation, it’s really your idea that sparks our drive. That drive starts in the art department.

Our team of art experts act as your second pair of eyes. Not only do our designers understand the ins and outs of making an amazing shirt, but they’re also artists themselves. That means they know how to preserve the most important elements of your design in a way that fits your budget.

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If they think changes need to be made, they’ll check with you before your design goes to production. This is done by sending you a digital proof, which you’ll approve before we start printing



Screen printing provides excellent durability as the inks involved where designed to be used on a range of different surfaces.  In addition to the inks physical properties, the act of pressing the silk screen ink into the fabric further increases the longevity of the design.

A t shirt or polo tee that uses the  screen process will stand up to years of washes and physical abuse.  We highly recommend this type of printing process for our clients in active environments often found in the service industry.


Screen printing is popular in contemporary art because of its ability for creativity and vivid colors. The inks that are used will last a long time before they begin to fade.
In most cases the ink that is used is buy steriods online called Plastisol, which was designed to offer superior colors and durability. The simple screen process also allows for modifications to the technique that can result in some fascinating designs.

A t shirt or polo tee that uses the  screen process will stand up to years of washes and physical abuse.  We highly recommend this type of printing process for our clients in active environments often found in the service industry.


screen printing reduces the about of work to resize images and logos that would appear on different locations of the shirt. In other types of t shirt printing, the image scaling process would involve making changes to many image files.

A good example of image scaling would be where the client wants a logo on the t shirt pocket, the arm sleeve, and the back of the t shirt. The silk screen process make use of photosensitive masks which greatly reduces the number of man hours.


The affordability of screen printing occurs when the size of the order increases as the fixed cost is then spread over the volume of items to be printed.

As an order size increases, the costs for screen printing falls, because the initial setup costs of the silk screening are spread over a larger number of garments. At some point, screen printing will actually become more economical than heat transfers.

About Our Inks & Processes

Premium Standard

A special hybrid style of shirt printing resulting in bright colors and soft prints. Learn more.

Discharge Printing

A method of shirt printing using waterbase ink to achieve soft prints on dark shirts. Learn more.

Waterbase Printing

Similar to discharge, but for white and light garments. Super soft prints unite! Learn more.

Plastisol Printing

Traditional screen printing at it’s finest. Thicker, vibrant prints that sit on top of the shirt. Learn more.

Process Printing

Sometimes called Simulated Process, this is for full color images or photographs. Learn more.

Foil Printing

Sheets of foil are heat pressed on top of Plastisol prints to make your shirts pop! Learn more.

Screen Printing FAQ

What kind of screen printing ink do you use?

The type of ink we use is called plastisol. This is the best kind of ink available for screen printing for a few reasons. It’s exceptionally versatile, rarely needs adjustments, doesn’t dry unless properly cured, and has unmatched durability.  This results in a shirt that lasts a lifetime.

Do you offer water-based inks?

Of course! We at Moonlight Custom Printing strive to meet your specifications at every level. Get in touch with us to discuss the water-based ink printing options we have available.

All screen printing eventually comes off in the wash, right?

Wrong. This is because the best inks on the market are a crucial component of our proven screen printing and drying process. A combination like that results in a shirt that will stand the test of time.

can you only print on T-shirts?

Shirts may be our best-selling item, but they are far from the only thing we print on. Hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, caps, and towels are just a few of the things we work with, in unisex styles as well as men’s, women’s, and kids

How do you make sure designs print accurately on dark garments?

We pride ourselves on stringent standards and superior attention to detail. That’s why our printing method uses a process called flash curing to create more vivid, accurate prints.

Alone, it’s enough to put us ahead of our competitors, but we’re not satisfied with just that. What helps us set the bar even higher in this industry is our production team, which is comprised of some of the best screen printers in the country.